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The Definitive Guide to Write Articles & Earn Money

So you want to earn money by writing articles?

Well then, In this post we will discuss

  • IS Writing Articles Worth Spending time
  • How Much money can I earn by writing
  • Ways To Make Money By Writing
write articles and earn money

Writing articles is one of the best ways to earn huge money online, As you know, to earn more you have to work more and it’s the same with writing articles. Writing articles is not the easiest online job but its the most effective way to earn. so if it’s not easy then

IS Writing Articles Complex?

No, it’s not complex at all and all though you have to maintain headings and readability, etc. Only when you write you have to maintain main points, that means don’t write about something that isn’t related to that topic only to cover more words.

And you need some basic writing skills so the hard part is only delivering helpful & good content, Which can be done by research and creativity. So first learn then earn.

IS Writing Articles Worth Spending time?

That depends on how much time you like to spend working, Writing a good article requires time and patience, so if you have a lot of money to invest and want to make money quickly then writing articles is not for you.

But if you want a permanent or extra source of income by working from home with patience then you can go with writing. And if you can produce good quality unique articles, then you can earn enough to quit your job and start working permanently on articles.

So our next question is

How Much Money Can I Earn by Writing Articles?

That depends on your work, As I already said if you can produce good quality unique articles then you can earn an average of 1000$+ (76,000rs) per month. Here is a story of how a freelance writer earned 82,000rs (1074$) in a month from India.

That is just an average earning you can earn more if you work hard, and if you create a blog you can earn money in lots of ways.

Ways To Earn By Writing:

Mainly there are two ways you can earn money by writing

  1. work for your own
  2. work for others

In the first option, you can create your own space where you write and publish articles, You can invest few bucks to get a domain and hosting and create a blog to publish articles if you don’t have the money you can publish articles for free in blogger.com

In the second option, you can work as a freelancer where you list your service in freelancing sites and people will hire you to write articles for them

1. Work For Your Own

If you want to work for your own by starting a blog I suggest, first use the free option before investing anything and when you sure of yourself then you can invest and make your blog look professional.

So now I am going to show you how you can create a free blog and start writing. First, go to blogger.com and click on create your blog Button

blogger screenshot

Then sign-up with your Google account

Then you have to type a unique name and address for your blog, then click on the create blog button below

blogger screenshot

That’s all, you have created your free blog on blogger. Now you are ready to write articles, to write articles click on the New Post button and write your articles

write articles and earn money

After writing at least 20-30 unique and good quality articles and creating pages such as about, contact and privacy policy go to earrings section and sign-up for AdSense to monetize your blog and earn money.

write articles and earn money

Remember if you want to maximize your earnings you have to learn search engine optimization to rank in google.

2. Work for Others

If creating a blog is sounds difficult to you and if you just want to write articles to make money then freelancing is the next best option for you,

First, go to Fiverr.com and click on the Become A Seller button and sign-up with your Google/Facebook account

fiverr screenshot

After signing up you will see a page like this below, showing the steps to become a seller, hit continue button. And don’t be confused, here seller means selling your skills and gigs means your service.

When you press this continue button there are more few tutorials steps show so just click continue until you arrive at this page, where you have to fill your information form

After filling up all the details click on continue, then you have to fill other details like occupation, skills, certificate. You have to select writing and translation option in the occupation menu and article writing as a skill

After filling all details next they will ask to link your social media profiles, link all social media profiles the continue to add verify your email address and phone number, and then your profile will be complete, now you are ready to publish your gig.

Now to list your service click on the create a new gig button, then give a unique title for your gig and choose the category to Write and Translations and subcategory to articles and blog posts, then choose a metadata category that you know best and add tags related to Blog post and articles. then click save & continue.

fiverr screenshot

After that you have to set your pricing and packages, you can create 3 packages with different service and prize but I create one package for example, and after creating the package hit save and continue button

creating packages in fiverr

After creating a package you have to write a description of this service and continue

earn money by writing articles on fiverr

After writing the description you need to add some requirements that you need to write articles like the topic, highlighted points, and keywords,etc.. after that click continue

After that, you need to add some images/videos of your work and then save and continue,

earn money by writing articles on fiverr

then may have to take a test of your grammatical and writing skills to publish your gig, and if you pass the test people will start to hire you.

earn money by writing articles on fiverr

Now you all the work is done, now people will start hiring you and you will earn money for writing articles for them.

There are also sites like freelancer.com, guru.com, upwork.com where you can list your service and earn more.


Writing articles & earn money is not an easy but effective way to earn money and you can earn a lot of money if you work hard. These two ways I showed above don’t require any investment at the start so start now Earn.

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