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Capture & Sell Photos To Earn $1200 Without Investment [Beginners Guide]

  • Debasish 
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If you want to make some money by selling photos and wondering how to do it then you are in the right place, Because today I am going to guide you how you can sell your captured photos and earn money, 

But remember even you are a wedding and event photographer, that does not mean that you have a good chance of selling your photos because it’s all about creativity and, uniqueness So even a common person with a camera can sell photos if he knows what to sell. 

So  first thing comes to our mind is

Can I Sell Photos That I Captured From My SmartPhone?

The short answer is yes, but you need to have good quality and good resolution images, in another word, your phone’s camera should have decent megapixels and sensors. And nowadays every smartphone company offering 48mp, 64mp even 108mp camera sensors which is more than capable of providing good quality pictures.

 Even so, there is no compassion between a smartphone and a DSLR camera, so if you have a DSLR cam, then capture with it to sell photos. 

So let’s sell a photo.

How To Sell Photos Online:  Beginners Guide

 There are 3 main websites where millions of people buy images so if you register in all of these three websites then you have a good chance of selling photos these three websites are

  1. Adobe Stock contributor
  2. Shutterstock submit
  3. Alamy contributor

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can sell photos on Adobe stock, and those other websites’ processes are similar.

Step-1: Sign-up in Photo Selling Sites

First, go to google and search for “Adobe stock Contributor” and click on the fist link.

google search result for selling photos

Then you will sell a button “Get Started” to sign-up on Adobe Stock

sell photos and earn money

Next, you will see a sign-up form where you need to give your personal details like your name, email, date of birth, country and create a password for your account and then hit create account button.

creating account in adobe stock to sell photos

After that, they send you an e-mail to confirm your email address, go to your e-mail inbox and open the e-mail from adobe then click on the link to verify your account.

adobe stock seller verification email

After successful confirmation of your e-mail, you will see terms of condition section, click on the small checkbox below to accept all the terms and hit continue 

adobe stock terms

Then you will see a confirmation message that your email is verified and then click on the continue link. 

adobe stock email verification success message

And now your first step is done.

Step-2: Upload Photos 

Now that I have successfully signed up in Adobe Stock, my profile is ready to upload pictures, 

After finishing the first step you will see a page like this below where they asking for uploading your first image, click on the upload button and 

uploading photos in adobe stock to sell

Then Upload a good quality photo that you think worth selling, and wait for its upload.


Then when it’s uploaded, choose a category of your photo, and give a unique title and popular tags.

modifying inage for search result on adobe stock

When you upload an image its comes with few tags so check them if it matches your image and then clicks Submit For Approval. Then a box will appear click submit button.

photo submiting in adobe stock

Remember when you submit a photo Adobe stock will review your photo if its appropriate and if you copied it, so always upload photos that you click and don’t sell any personal image without their permission.

Step-3: Fill The Tax Info

Yes, you need to complete this step to get payments, so after completing the second step you will see a message like this below, click on it 

Then you will see a page about the law and information about why you need to give tax details then hit continue.

Tax info on adobe stock

Then you have to fill if you are an individual or a company, choose Individual and click on next. 

After that, you will see 3 different options if you live in the US or In the territory of the US Tax treaty then choose 1st or 2nd option but I am from India so I chose the Third option and click on complete w-8 ben.

Now you will see a scary form, but you just have to fill the sections with red star marks and then sign in that document and

tax form in adobe stock

that’s it  now the third step is complete

Step4: Research & Improve

You know that no one will buy random captured photos so you have to research and learn what type of photos are people buying, 

adobe stock navigation menu

To research navigate to the Insights section from the top and look at the photos of top sellers and try to capture and upload photos like that.

top photo sellers accounts

You can even also create graphics or photos of upcoming festivals, try to capture photos that the business owner wants.

Step-5: Retouch Photos

When a capture a photo its seems very natural, but when you edit that photo it looks eye-catching. And I am nor only talking about simple edits like maintaining white balance and exposing the saturation. There is a lot more to edit then you think. 

editing photo before selling

If you are serious about selling photos then you must learn to edit like professionals. Many guys think that they need a high-end pc to edit but nowadays you can learn how to edit on android phones on youtube for free.

If you have a laptop/desktop then learn to use Adobe Photoshop and if you only have an android device learn to use apps like Snapseed, Lightroom

Step-6: Get Paid   

earned money by selling photos

To get paid you need a Paypal, Payoneer or skrill wallet accounts. If you have it then you need to reach $25 threshold, Remember when someone downloads the photo you get paid so you need to upload more and more good quality pictures.

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