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Free Paytm Cash- Earn 5,000+ RS Each Month

  • Debasish 
Earn Free paytm cash

Paytm is one of the popular online wallets in India. All Paytm users are eager to earn some free Paytm cash in their free time. But the question is how to earn Paytm cash?

Ways To Earn Free Paytm Cash

Earn free paytm cash
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There is not only one way to do it there are various ways to get free Paytm cash. You can choose whatever option you like.

Table Of Contents
#1 Answer Surveys #2 Paytm Cash Games #3 Watching Videos
#4 Completing Tasks #5 Refer & Earn #6 Daily Earnings

1. Answer Surveys

Answering surveys is the quickest and easiest way to get some free Paytm cash. Did you ever answer any surveys before?

If you did then you know how simple it is.

What Is A Survey?

In simple words, Survey is a bunch of questions that many businesses ask customers or common people to get ideas or feedback on any product or service so they can improve their business

Why I Get Free Paytm Cash For Answering Surveys?

Many companies join up with survey websites and apps to improve their products and services and they paid money to those websites and apps for showing their surveys.

And when you sign-up in those websites and apps and answer surveys, those apps/websites give you some amount of money they get from companies.

How To Earn Free Paytm Cash From Surveys?

To earn Paytm cash by answering surveys you need to Sign-up in a few websites/ apps. I listed some of the trusted apps/website below, sign-up and start earning

Earn More:

1. Learn The Secret Techiques TikTokers Use To Earn 500$+ Per Month

2. Make Qr Codes For FREE & Earn 500$ Per Month

2. Paytm Cash Games

Playing games is the best way to get some quick extra cash in your free time. Don’t worry these games are not so dumb, it’s interesting so you will enjoy these games and also earn cash.

Also, the good news is you don’t need any desktop or laptop to play, download this game on your android mobile and start playing and earning.

How To Earn Paytm Cash By Playing Games?

At first, when you install these games and register with your Paytm number, you may get a joining bonus and then some games pay you for winning the game levels and playing online,

and some games pay you for spending time in the game. And when you get to the minimum withdrawal limit you can withdraw it to your Paytm account.

Paytm Games List:

You can find all these games in google play, so search this game’s name on play store and install to get free Paytm cash.

  • Loco
  • Rummy Circle
  • Dream 11 Pro
  • Paytm First
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Roz Dhan

3. Watching Videos

There are few Paytm cash earning app, that gives you money for watching and sharing videos online. You can earn free Paytm cash by installing this android app and watching in your free time.

How To Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Videos?

It simple just sign-up in the apps I mentioned below with your Paytm mobile number and start watching videos to get free Paytm cash,

Paytm Cash For Videos apps:

All of the applications can be found on the play store easily so search the application in Google play store to earn some cash.

  • InterVideos – Watch Videos & Win Cash
  • Video Dosti – Funny Video, Watch Video To Earn Money
  • Frizza

3. Complete Tasks

Another way of earning some Paytm cash is by completing tasks in android apps. So first install apps I mentioned below and sign-up with your Paytm mobile number and fulfill the tasks in those apps and get free Paytm cash

What Kind Of Task do I need To Complete To Earn Paytm Cash?

Well, there are many tasks you can complete to earn Paytm cash. Like downloading apps, Wining a game, sharing articles, etc..

List Paytm Cash Earning Apps:

If you want to install these apps go to google play store and search for these apps.

  • Roz Dhan
  • Task Bucks
  • Dhana Dhan
  • Cash Boss

5. Refer & Earn

Refer & earn is a simple and effective way to earn if you have many followers. As the name suggests you have to refer the application to your friends, family, followers and when they sign-up with your referral code then you earn free paytm cash

refer and earn
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How To Refer?

The best way to refer something to someone is by showing them how they can get benefit from that staff. And if you have a lot of followers on social media then you can create a review of these applications below and give them your referral code to earn paytm cash.

Refer & Earn Apps:

Many of the apps I talked about earlier in this post have refer & earn program so you can earn by working and referring.

1.Roz Dhan
2.Task Bucks
3.Dhana Dhan
4.Cash Boss
5. InterVideos
6.Video Dosti

6. Daily Earnings

Many of these apps I talked about in this post have daily earnings features that allow you to get a daily reward for opening this app or spending time in this app. so you can earn daily a little cash just by opening this app.


So now the question is it worth your time to use this app to earn money?

Yes, if you want some extra cash. You can spend some of your free time to earn some free paytm cash easily with these techniques. But this is not a permanent way of earning.

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