10 Perfect Online Jobs For Students To Earn 37,000 Rupees Every Month from Home

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These Jobs are not only for students, If you are not a student but looking for an online job to satisfy your financial condition then you can start doing these jobs online from now.

But this kind of job is best suited for students. Nowadays it’s hard to find part-time jobs and even you can find a job you may not have enough time to spare as your boss required,

most of the students have only a few couple hours of free time from their school/ college and study, so they can’t have enough money to spend or to buy anything they want, that’s why online jobs are the best way to earn a lot of money without going outside.

But Its not easy to find a genuine online job so where to find them? well, today you are going to find out some easiest and genuine online jobs that pay you real cash.

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10 Perfect Online Jobs At Home  For Students

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10.  Read Articles And Earn Money

Online book reading job from mobile to earn money

This is an interesting online job, If you read articles, news all the time then this job is for you guys, you can earn some real cash while reading books and articles online.

Most of the books digital copy is published online and some website is paying for reading books and articles. If you can spend a few hours a day reading then you can earn a good amount of money at the moth end. This job is perfect for students, housewives, and part-time workers, freelancers.

This online job may sound easy and yes its but if you don’t like to read then this job is not for you, because not only you have to read a book or article but also you have to give an honest review with a minimum of 150-300 words. so you must pay attention while you are reading to share an honest review (Source).

What I have To Do For Earn Money By Reading?

I listed some popular website’s name below, you have to search that name in google and register in those websites and start reading and write an honest review and you have to mention quotes from the book in reviews and write your thoughts about it. When you successfully send reviews you will start earning money.

List Of reading & Earn Websites :

Website Name:Website URL:
Kirkus Reviewwww.kirkusreviews.com
Online Books Clubonlinebookclub.org
Any Subject Bookswww.anysubject.com
Book Look Bloggerswww.booklookbloggers.com
New Pageswww.newpages.com

9.  Online Captcha Solving Job

Captcha solving online job for students

Captcha solving job is getting more and more popular every day because it’s an easy and fast way to earn a lot of money from home. Captcha is a way to prove that you are not a bot or artificial intelligence.  The most website used captcha to get rid of spammers.  you may also solve this captcha when you are registering on a website. but now you can earn money by solving these captchas.

How To Earn By Solving Captchas?

There are lots of big companies out there and they need to sign-up on millions of websites, so they create automated software to sign -up in sites, but as I told you most websites use the captcha to get rid of these automated bots.

Automated software can fill up forms but can’t solve captchas. That’s why they need humans to solve these captchas, and you will be solving captchas for them and they will pay you for this work.

There are lots of websites out there giving money for solving captchas but I choose the best 5 websites for solving captchas. You can earn 0.5 cents to 2$ by solving 1000 captchas from these sites. (source)

List Of Captcha Solving Sites:

Website Name:Website URL:
Mega Typerswww.megatypers.com
2 Captcha2captcha.com
Pro Typerswww.protypers.com

8. Content Writing Job

a man woking on content writing online job from his laptop

This is a perfect job to get a huge income from online. Internet is filling with blogs every day and the need for a content writer is growing, If you have a good grasp of grammar and the skill of writing then you can be a content writer easily but only writing skills aren’t enough to be a good content writer.

You have to research the topic well and note the facts, highlights and understand the motive behind that topic. There are two different methods to earn money content writing,

  1.  Work As A Freelancer Writer
  2. Register in Content writing site

To work as a freelancer you have to register in freelancer sites as a content writer and upload your work samples and people will start hiring you. Beginners can earn 8,000 to 10,00 rupees per month and experienced content writers can earn 20,000 to 25,00 rupees every month. (Source)

List Of Freelancer Sites:

Website Name:Website URL:
Up Workwww.upwork.com
Work Shineworknhire.com

In the second method, you need to signup in content writing sites. Just register and start writhing content to earn money.

List Of Content Writing Sites

Website Name:Website URL:
Writer Baywww.writerbay.com

7.  Online Tutoring Job

A woman training students online

Start teaching online by video conference to earn money online, This job is best for someone who can explain complex things easily and can communicate with anyone easily.

Everyone has skills in a subject. You can teach people what you know best. You can use team viewer, Skype, WhatsApp video conference feature to teach everyone and earn money at home.

If you have a computer or laptop with a webcam and a writing pad then you can start tutoring now by joining the websites as a tutor.

List Of Online Tutoring Sites:

Website Name:Website URL:
Teacher Onwww.teacheron.com
Tutor Citywww.tutorcity.in
Tutor Metutorme.com


7. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing job graphic

This is another way to earn money online, Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting other people/companies product or service. (Source)

Find a product or service that you like and promote that product and if someone buys that product through you, you will get a commission for selling that item.

When you select an item to promote, that company will provide you a unique link and you have to promote that product and the link and when someone clicks on that link and purchase that product you will earn money.

How To Promote Products?

The easiest way to promote a product is by writing a review. If you have a blog you can mention that product in a blog post or make a video on your youtube channel. You can create a post on social media to promote that product. There are few popular affiliates programs I listed below, register and start earning money

List Of Affiliate Programs:

Website Name:Website URL:
Amazon Associatesaffiliate-program.amazon.in
Flipkart Affiliate Programaffiliate.flipkart.com
Bluehost Affiliatewww.bluehost.com/affiliates
eBay Partner Networkpartnernetwork.ebay.com
Shopclues affiliatewww.shopclues.com/affiliate-signup

6. Ad Clicking Job

advertisement graphic

This is a very simple job even for a 10 years old child. That’s because you just have to click on advertisements and earn money. Every company has to advertise their brand in order to increase sales and promote products and services.

To advertise their brand name and products to common people, PTC sites come into play. This site act as a medium to promote their advertisement to its users.

Ptc sites get paid by the advertiser to promote their staff and someone like you and me who want to earn money online, watch these ads and for that, they give us a small amount of money they get from the advertisers.

To earn money by clicking ads, first sign-up in the websites below and start watching ads, You can earn 0.01 to 0.1$ per ad based on the watching time. You can easily make 15,00 rupees per month if you work daily.

Earn Money By Clicking Ads With 5 Easy Step:

  1. Register In All PTC Sites
  2. Log In And Watch Ads Daily
  3. Complete Other Tasks & Offers
  4. More You Refer More You Earn
  5. Register In Wallets To Redeem Money

These are some legit and popular Paid to Click sites to earn money online from home, Join them now and start working.

List Of PTC Sites:

Website Name:Website URL:


5. Online Data Entry Job

A man working on his laptop for the data entry online job

A data entry job is a perfect job to earn some good cash from home. You don’t require lots of skills and you don’t have to consume your brainpower. In most data entry jobs you just have to fill forms and typing some documents. Even if you have a full-time job you can do this kind of job easily.

What Do You Need For Data Entry Job?

  1.  A Laptop Or Desktop
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Fast Typing Speed
  4. Ability to see every detail

That’s all you need to apply for an online data entry job. You can find data entry jobs in freelancing sites like upwork.com or Freelancer.com. But be aware you may find frauds and fake data entry jobs listed in some sites.

And there are few sites who provide opportunities to data entry, work on the sites I listed below and start earning money.

List Of Data Entry Sites:

Website Name:Website URL:
Smart Crowdthesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com
Click Workwww.clickworker.com
Onespace Freelancerfreelance.onespace.com

4. Sell Products Online

A graphic for online selling job

Selling products may not be easy unless you already sell products offline. To sell products online you need products, and you can find any products you want to sell in wholesale markets.  Purchasing good quality products from the wholesale market then packing it properly may sound easy but you need the experience to become a good seller.

But if you are able to choose good products that people interested in buying then you can earn really huge money from online.

Sell Your Products In 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Create Seller Account In Popular E-commerce Sites
  2. Purchase Products From WholeSale Market
  3. List your product in E-commerce sites
  4. Pack and Shift your Product when you receive an order
  5. Start Earning Money Someone successfully purchases a Product

There are some popular sites to list your products but Amazon is the best. and listing a product can be complex for new users, so Read This Tutorial To List Your Product In Amazon. Also, there are a few other websites where you can sell your products.

List Of E-commerce Sites:

Website Name:Website URL:
Amazon Sellerservices.amazon.in
Flipkart Sellerseller.flipkart.com
eBay Seller Hubwww.ebay.com/sh/landing
Snapdeal Sellersellers.snapdeal.com
Myntra Sellerpartners.myntrainfo.com

3. Making Videos

making videos for youtube

Youtube is now the 2nd most popular search engine in the world, people like to watch videos more than reading articles. When they search for something in google like ” How To Make Chicken Curry” if they find a video result, most of them click on that rather than reading it.

It not just the case about cooking. Today in every niche, people watch videos to solve their problems. So why not making videos to earn a good amount of money?

If you are not camera-shy, choose a niche that you like and know well and start making videos. Of course, you have to choose a niche that people are interested in.

Some people may stand back by thinking that they don’t have the right equipment to make videos. But that does not matter that much If you can satisfy people with information. Of course, you need good sound quality and picture quality to satisfy people but could be done with a smartphone.

Youtube is the biggest platform to upload videos but, in 2020 there is another giant growing platform for video maker, its Facebook.

To upload videos on youtube you need to create a channel and to upload videos on Facebook you need to create a Facebook page.

To earn money from youtube and Facebook you need to monetize your videos and there are few conditions before you can monetize your videos and start earning money if those conditions are met then you can start earning money.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a channel and monetize 

2. Start Reselling

All Indians have a great opportunity to earn online by selling products. But this type of selling is easy because you don’t have to buy that product to sell or even pack that product. This is kind of like affiliate marketing but its not.

Because you will not get a commission for selling other products. You can set your price tag as much as you like.  This type of job is perfect for women. Many women have a huge follower in their social media accounts.  So they can easily sell any cosmetics and beauty products.

How Does It work?

When you are reselling something you can add your price tag over the basic price. That means if any product costs 500 rupees and if you change that price to 750 rupees then when someone purchases that product you will get 250 rupees.

what I Have To Do To Resell A Product?

  1. Install Meesho App from Playstore
  2. Register in the app
  3. choose a product
  4. give a price tag
  5. promote that product

That’s all you have to do to earn money from home by reselling products. You can earn approximately 5,000 rupees to 15,000 rs per month based on how much product you can sell.

1. Blogging

online blogging job

I made blogging as the no 1 online job because you can earn a huge amount of money from it. When it comes to blogging most newbies think that creating the website is the website is the hard part, and some think that it’s impossible without learning to code.

But trust me most bloggers don’t even know about any coding, like my self when I first started. In time you will get some basic knowledge about coding but that’s knowledge is nowhere near to build a website.

Today you can use Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and Blogger to create a pro website easily, you don’t need to know a bit of coding to create a blog. The hard part of blogging is content and patience

Nowadays competition is so high that it’s almost impossible to create a new topic, and even you can create a beautiful blog post, that doesn’t guarantee that you will get visitors.

When you first create a blog and some blog posts you have to promote your blog posts so much and then you may have 1 or 2 visitors, and here most of the people gave up being a blogger. But if you have the courage of keeping your hard work. Your work will pay off you can earn 30,000 rupees to 100,000 rupees by advertisement.

That’s Not all you can also earn By:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Selling Own Products & Services
  3. get paid for reviews
  4. selling ebooks
  5. Sell membership

and there are lots of other ways depending on what type of website you make. And the good news is if you don’t want to invest in blogging from the beginning, then you can create a free blog on wordpress.com and Blogger.Com.

If you are new to writing content, SEO, content marketing, monetization, then I suggest starting with a free blog from bloggeer.com. if you want to invest you can purchase a domain name and web hosting later, then you can easily convert your free Bloggers blog to a Professional WordPress blog.


That’s all the perfect job for students, part-time workers, and housewives. By doing these online jobs you can earn as much money as an offline full-time job. You can start working now by visiting the website I mentioned above.

Also, Let Me Know In Comments Which Jobs you will be  doing Now!

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