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How To Start A Blog To Make Money Online – The Definitive Guide

  • Debasish 

So you wanna start a new blog? Well, the first thing you need to know that, today creating a blog is peace of cake. You don’t need a single knowledge of coding to create your blog. But the hard part is making a good amount of money out of it. So are you ready to start your brand new blog?

I guess you are, so let’s begin.

Here I am going to guide you how you can create a professional WordPress blog, which requires money but I strongly suggest you if you are a beginner and never publish a blog post before then start your blogging journey with Bloggers.com, which is a free platform of Google to write and publish blogs. And if you get enough confidence that you will grow then first what you need to do is 

Step-1: Select A Niche For Your Blog

Selecting a Niche is a very important step to start a blog. When I first started a blog I thought I will write blog posts about every topic but creating articles about every topic will confuse Google and other search engine and you will not rank in Google. So always write a blog on one Niche,

it could be Health, technology, entertainment, news, lifestyle, etc. but never mix category in one blog.  And even if you already thought a niche or a micro-niche, always check how much potential that niche has. I mean check how many people are searching for that topic, 

Use tools like Google Trends, SEM Rush, Ubersuggest to see how many people are interested in that topic.

Step-2: Find a U.S.F.D (Unique-Seo-Friendly-Domain)

You can choose any name for your domain as you like but to get more organic viewers to your blog you need to rank faster in Google search results and so you need a Unique-Seo-Friendly-Domain. And to Do that You need to follow these 3 points

  • Niche Related Domain

Your domain name should be related to the niche, that you will write in your blog. For example,  if you want to write about cooking or a food blog then your blog name should be like Trendy Cooker or Healthy Recipes etc. In this example, the word “cook” or “recipes” is related to food.

 So this domain name should be easy to rank in google for any food blog posts.  

  • Geo-Targeted-Domain

Another fact to get more viewers is you should target the location of your viewers. What I mean is if you write blog posts that only a specific religion or country is interested then your domain extension should be related to that country. For example, if I am writing about recipes of Indian food then my domain name should be with “.IN” extension like “healthyrecipes.in” or If I am writing about American people my domain extension should be “. US”  like “westfoodies.us”.

If you use this kind of country extensions then you can easily rank in google on that country. But if you think that your blog posts are not about a specif country or religion then you can use extensions like “.COM” or “ .NET”. so you ca rank globally. 

  • A Unique Name

This is the third step to find a U.S.F.D (Unique-Sro-Friendly-Domain) so according to 1st and 2nd step, you select a domain that is related to your niche and choose an extension of the country or globally. For example, after viewing that two-step you decide to create healthyrecipes.in but you need to make sure if your selected domain name is unique or not.

And to do so go to  https://namechk.com/ and type your selected blog name on the search box at the top and you can see if any other website is available with that domain name or not. If all of the domain extension is showing green then it’s unique.

And after finding a U.S.F.D go to the next step.

Step-3: Purchase that Domain & A Hosting

Godaddy and Bigrock is the best and trusted website to purchase domain names. I recommend open both websites and type your domain name to see who offers a cheap price. I already have a domain name from Godaddy but I will show you the process anyway.

For this example, I am purchasing a “.IN” domain from GoDaddy and if you want to purchase any other extension the process is the same. 

Domain Purchasing:

(NOTE: many good hosting plans come with a FREE domain name for a year so skip this step if intend to buy premium hosting plans ) 

1.) Go to google and search for Godaddy with your desired domain extension. In my case, I searched for “GoDaddy .in domain” then click on the first link

2.)  you will see a box on the top, type your domain name there, and click on search.

3.) If the domain is available to click on the add to the cart button. Then click on continue to cart button.

4.) Then they will ask if you want some additional packages, select No thanx option then hit continue to cart button.

5.) Next, you have to create an account, then pay with your debit, credit card or online wallets

6.)After purchasing provide your personal details to register that domain.  And now you have successfully purchased a domain name.

So now you need to

Buy Hosting:

If you want to purchase hosting I recommend two providers, Bluehost or Siteground. But their price of packages is big. And I can’t afford it right now so I chose to buy hosting from Hostinger.

Hostinger provides hosting with cheap price + lots of features. And my honest opinion is you can smoothly run 3 websites if you purchase the business package.

I am going to show you the process to purchase hosting from Hostinger. If you like to purchase from any other hosting provider, don’t worry the process is similar.

(1.) If you are from India then search in google for “Hostinger.in” and if you are outside India search for “Hostinger.com” then click the first link.

(2.) Then you will see 3 different packages the first one is very cheap but the resources are limited which is not good for a professional blog. I recommend Choose the premium package to host 1 blog or business package for 2-3 blogs.

I am buying the business package because its suitable for my needs. Click on the Add to cart button to proceed.

(3.) Now if you choose the premium or business package, or will get a free domain for a year so if you intend to create only one website then you better skipped the domain purchasing step. 

Type your domain name on the box and chose the domain extension and search. If it’s available, you will see you get a 100% discount on the domain means its FREE.

(4.) Then select the duration of our hosting package I recommend 1 Year is enough, although if you choose 2 years or 3 years you will get more discount, of course then you need a bigger budget. 

(5.) The next step is the checkout. So I am buying a business hosting plan with a free domain name which cost me 3,840 rupees (50$) for a year. It’s not a bad deal if you ask me. Now click on the check-out now button to proceed.

(6.) The next step is signing up. You can use your email, Facebook o even google account for signing up.

(7.) after signup, you need to choose a payment method to pay the hosting price.

After successful payment, your hosting panel will be ready to set up website. On to the next step.

Step-4: Setting Up WordPress Site

Now that you have a domain and hosting you are ready to set up your website. First step of setting is

Link Domain Name To Hosting:

First, you need to make sure that your domain name is pointing towards your hosting properly.

I am using Hostinger but the process is similar to other hosting providers. First, we need to add 

Domain to our hosting. 

(1.)To do that login to your hosting control panel and click on Add websites, and type your purchased domain name and choose a password and click on ADD

 (2.) After that click o manage button and then you will see a message that your domain nameserver is not pointing to our nameserver. Which means your domain and hosting not yet linked. And to fix that you will see 2 nameservers mentioned on that message, Copy those 2 nameservers. 

(3.) And login to your domain name providers. If you purchased the domain name from GoDaddy. Then log in to GoDaddy and if you selected the free domain from Hostinger then go to the Domains section.

(4.) then if you buy that domain from GoDaddy then click on the DNS button then click on the change button and for Hostinger, you will see the nameservers section above. Paste the two nameservers on nameserver 1 and 2, which you copied from the hosting panel.

(5.) Then you have to wait for the proper configuration of this DNS change, which usually takes 2-3 hours but a maximum of 48hours. Wait until you see this message on your hosting panel.

And this message means that you have successfully linked your domain name to your hosting.

So now the next step is.

Installing WordPress:

(1.) To install WordPress open your hosting control panel and find the website section from below and click on the Auto Installer.

(2.) next, find the WordPress bar and click on it.

(3) then a box will pop up, Now only choose options that I colored with green, that means first select your domain, type a username, password, email, and your website title, then hit the install button.

(4.) Then it will take a few minutes to install WordPress. Then you will see a black button click on it and that then click on the Wp-Admin button.

(5.) Then you will go to your website login page, and log in with your username and password.

And that’s how you successfully installed WordPress.

WordPress Required Plugins:

WordPress is just a panel to control your website. And there are many functions of a website like SEO, webpage designing, security, speed, etc. and some plugins will help us to create a fast and beautiful website without any knowledge of coding. I am going to recommend some free useful plugins to create a better website.

First, log in to the WordPress dashboard and go to the plugin section then click on Add New button to install new plugins.

For example, type the plugin name in the search box and then click on the install button. Then it will take a few seconds to install the plugin.

Then hit the activate button to activate the plugin. 

 I am dividing plugins into categories 

  1. Security Plugins

Security plugins are essentials for various security reasons like, to protect your website from being hacked, protect from malware codings, protect from various cyber-attacks, etc. You have to install 3 best plugins 

  • Wordfence Security
  • IThemes Security
  • WPS Hide Login

Worddefence and Ithemes security plugins protect from malware coding and various cyber-attacks and WPS hide login, hide your login URL with custom URL. Every WordPress websites default login URL is like “ website.com/wp-admin” but with you WPS Hide Login Plugin

You can customize the wp-admin default URL string to the “website.com/custom word”

  1. Speedup & Caching Plugin  

A faster website is better so to help your website get faster yo need to edit som coding, but with the help of some plugin you can do it without editing any coding just install Lite Speed Cache plugin and optimize few settings and your website loading time will be faster.

  1. SEO Plugin

SEO means search engine optimization and Yoast SEO is the best plugin that will help you to optimize your website and blog posts to rank faster in search engines.

  1. Form & Page Builder

Form and page builder plugins are required most. With form builder plugin you can get viewers feedback and they can contact you easily. And Pae builder plugins are required to create professional landing pages. and the best plugins for these jobs are   

  • Elementor Page builder
  • Ninja Form

Setting Up New Theme:

Now that you have installed all the required plugins, let’s install a new theme. First, go to appearance then themes, then click on Add New Theme button. 

From here you can choose from thousands of free themes to install on your blog, But I suggest go to the popular area to find the best theme for your blog.  

I am now installing a theme called NEVE, after installing click on the activate button.

You can fully customize any theme from Apperance>>customize

All themes customization options are different so there is no point in showing you guys how to customize your theme, but don’t worry it’s easy just play with the customization features and you will figure out how to do it.  and when you customized your theme fully publish the changes.

Creating Required Pages:

When you are running a blog there are few pages that are essential. Those pages are 

  1. About Page
  2. Contact Page
  3. Privacy Policy Page

About Page

About page contains information about your blog, what are you writing whats your blog’s goal and about your self or your team that works on this blog. 

To create about page easily you need the Elementor page builder plugin. If you installed it then go to Pages>>Add New section

Now click on “Edit with Elementor” button

Then click on the file icon, then a box will appear now search for “About” and now various templates will appear, but only find free templates. Find templates without “PRO” tag  

And click on the insert button to place that template on your page.

Now you can edit this template with your own photos, videos, and word. Click on any design to edit it. Fill all the section about you and your blog. And when you are finished

Click on the Settings button from the bottom left corner and edit page title to About Us and then click on the publish button. And now you’re about page is now created

Contact Page

The contact page is also similar but now you also need a form plugin, I am using ninja form.

First, go to Ninja Form>>Add New

Hen click on the contact us form. Then a for the template will open, now click on the publish button.

Now you have a contact form, go to Ninja Form>>Dashbord and copy the form shortcode.

Now you have to create a contact page like the about page, but now with Contact page template and paste the shortcode on the contact page and publish it. 

Privacy Policy Page

Luckily privacy policy page already exists in the pages as a draft, click the edit button, and publish button to publish the page.

Step-5: Write & Earn Money

Now that you completed all the processes, your blog is finally ready to publish articles, But writing articles can be difficult too. So you can read this special guide to write articles properly.

To earn money from a blog there are many ways, but the easiest and effective way to earn money from a blog is monetizing your blog with the advertisement.

To monetize your blog first you need to write at least 20-30 unique articles and create required pages, then to google Adsense website and sign-up. It will take a few days to review and approve your website. After. that you can place ads on your site and earn money.

Another effective way to earn money from a blog is affiliate marketing. In this method of earning money, you will be given a unique link to promote a product and service, and when someone clicks through that link and purchases something you will get a commission. And I think if you want to join as an affiliate marketer Amazon is the best platform for you so I already published a rare guide with all instructions on how you can join and make money. 

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