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How To Earn Money From HAGO

  • Debasish 
how to earn money from hago

To earn money from the HAGO app you need to understand everything about this app then I will talk about how much you can earn from HAGO and If this application is worth your time or not, then I will show you the step-by-step process how to earn from HAGO.

Everything About Hago:

In this section, I am going to talk about everything that you should know about Hago to earn money. You already know everything then skip this section and go to how to earn money from Hago.

What Is HAGO?

install hago app from google play to earn money
screenshot From Google Play

HAGO is an android application developed by Hago Games, It’s a very popular and interesting application. personally, I use this app to pass the time. It’s a game application. But HAGO is not a game itself. You can play lots of cool and interesting games in this app. and not only play games but also you can make new friends and chat with new people, join in contests, post pictures, and much more.

Can I Earn Money From HAGO?

Honestly, HAGO is a gaming application so the earning from this app is limited and yes you can earn money from the HAGO app but it’s probably some extra cash but, the application itself is very amazing, I use this application daily and it’s games are really cool.

How Much Can I Earn From HAGO?

Well, that depends on how much time you spend on Hago games, For Cash, you can earn 200- 500rs per month from HAGO. I know this not much but if you are lucky you can get 10rs and 200rs paytm cash every day from HAGO. Not only that you can also win smartphones, bikes, gadgets, etc from HAGO.

Is It Worth Spending Time In Hago Games?

If you are looking for the best ways to earn huge money from online then the Hago app is not for you, but if you looking for some fun ways to earn some extra cash while enjoying, then it’s definitely for you. Like me, you can spend some free time in this app by playing games while earning some cash

How Many People Are Using This App And Can I Trust This App?

Do you know, Hago app has 100,000,000+ active installation.

Google Play Screenshot Of Hago App Ratings

And 43,72,852  reviews on playstore And not only that it’s maximum users gave 5 out of 5 stars rating in playstore. And I think that’s enough to trust, go to google play and look at the reviews then I am sure you will trust this application easily.

So now are you ready to know

How To Earn Money From Hago?

To make things easy I am going to show you step by step process on how you can earn money from Hago.

sin-up in Hago app to earn

Step-1: Setting Hago Account

First, click the button below and install Hago Application. then open the app and sign-up with your Google/Facebook account.

Hago Games

Step-2: Collect Coins By Playing

After creating an account, you need to play games to collect coins, Click on games you like, when it’s done loading, play and win to collect coins

Win paytm cash, smartphone, bike in hago app

Step-3: Use Your Coin

After collecting coins from Playing games, go to coin mall or events to use your coin to purchase a ticket and if you are lucky you get a reward

Hago money plant to earn money

Step-4: Planet Your Money Tree

Yes, that a thing in the Hago app. I am not talking about the coins, You can grow your tree and earn paytm cash. like in the picture you can see a 5 rupees and 1 rupee Paytm cash I get from the tree

Grow your tree by playing games and getting water every day.

Step-5: Redeem Your Earnings

To redeem your earnings on the money plant you need to refer a friend, who needs to install this app with your referral code and then you can withdraw what you earnings to Paytm.


Overall Hago is a Good app for spending some free time by playing games and earings some extra cash. And trust me as a user I can tell that, even if don’t want money these games are so interesting that you will play every day.

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