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Make QR Codes & Earn 500$/month

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Earn money online by selling QR Codes

Earn money online is a largely popular topic in every country. But the ways of earning money online are not vast, so everyone is talking about the same thing.

qr code earn money

But today you are going to learn a new method to earn money online. The title of this post may suggest this method of earning requires investment, But It doesn’t, It is totally free.

What IS Qr Code?

To fully know the definition of QR codes you need to read this page. To put it simply QR codes are encoded with information, it could be a URL, location, bank accounts info, e-mail address, text message, etc.

And when you scan a QR code it reveals the information, that encoded in the code. Nowadays if you use an online wallet you may already use the scan and pay option.

Why People & Business Use Qr Codes?

When you scan someone’s QR code to pay them your scanner reveals the payment address to easy your work. If you use to scan and pay option. There is no chance of misspelling the user payment address, in other words, it’s safe.

Qr codes scanning is a trend nowadays, That’s why every company is promoting their products and services with QR code, but many companies have no one to make their QR codes and you will be making QR codes for them.

What Do You Need To MakeQR Codes And Earn Money?

  • A mobile or computer
  • Basic knowledge of internet
  • An account in a freelancer site
  • A Paypal Account

now I am going to show you the step-by-step process on how to make QR codes and earn money online.

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You need to follow these three easy steps to start selling the Qr code and earn money online.

Step-1: Register In Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelancing site worldwide, Anybody or company can hire someone in Fiverr, to do their job, after freelancers do the work they received the payment online.

You can work as a content writer, app developer, video editor, voice-over artist, graphics designer, translator, musician, etc. But you will be going to sell QR codes on this website.

How To Register in Fiverr As A Seller:

#1 First search in google for ” Fiverr Seller” then click on the first link.

Searching google for Fiverr seller
Screenshot of google search

#2 Then click on the become a seller button and type your email id and create a password then hit the join button

become a seller in fiverr to earn money online

#3 after your profile is created go to the dashboard then click on start selling button then click become a seller. Now you will view a page like below

Createing A Seller Account In Fiver

Now did you see the first step in the screenshot ” Learn What Makes A Successful Profile” This is a tutorial on how to create a seller profile.

#4 Click on the continue button to read this tutorial. after completely reading this tutorial you will continue to next step ” Create Your Seller Profile”

Creating a Profile in Fiverr sell acount to earn money

#5 Now you have to provide your personal information, remember always provide legit information and in the description write your work experience and if you don’t have enough experience to share, be honest.

Selecting occupation in fiverr

#6 Now select graphic designer as your occupation and skill, and in the subcategory under occupation, tick on logo design, others, social media design. Also, provide your education details and provide certificates if you have any then hit continue.

connecting social media accounts in fiverr

#7 Now they will ask you to link our social media account. You can skip this process but if you have social media accounts then connect all of them.

verify phone number in fiverr

#8 Now you have to verify your email address and phone number and then hit the Continue and Create Your First Gig button. And your profile is successfully created.

Step-2: Make Sample Qr Codes

The first step is complete, and to go to the third step first you need to upload your work samples so first, we need to create three samples.

There is a website called Qrcodemonkey, Where you can Make QR code completely free.

First, visit https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/ Visit in a second tab/window To create 3 different types of QR code

1. Basic Qr Code

This type of QR code is simple there is no design to it. Just a plain black Qr Code. To Create a basic QR code you need to set colors to a single color and choose a color you like, add a logo, and enter the content of QR code

In content, you can create Qr Codes for Text, email, phone, SMS, youtube video, Website link, etc. But for now, we are creating a sample QR code so I Chose the URL Qr code.

qr code earn money

After adjusting the color, content, logo settings click on the create QR Code button, Now this website will generate a QR Code then click on download PNG button to download that image.

2. Gradient QR Code

Now you know how to create a basic QR code so creating this type of QR code will be easy for you. first, create a basic Qr Code then choose a second color from color settings and generate QR Code and download it

make qr code and earn money

3. Premium QR Code

premium QR codes look totally different from Basic and gradients versions. To create a premium QR code create a unique design with all the designing features, use all the features available to create a beautiful unique Preniunm QR code.

making professional QR Code in QrCodeMonkey

So now we have three types of QR Code samples so now we can move to the third and final step.

Step-3: Publish A Gig

Now we are ready to sell QR code, So first we need to list our gig in Fiverr. To create a gig in Fiverr go to profile then click on “create a new gig”

Here you have to name your gig and categorize your gig, So first create a unique name for your gig in my case I named it ” I Will Create Professional QR Code For Promotion” then in category choose graphics design and in subcategory choose other and in tag section type Qr Code.

Creating Gigs To Earn Money Online

Now click on save and continue button. Then you have to create packages for your gig, I created 3 different packages with different prices and features. Always provide a unique name to your packages. then continue

Updating package in fiverr

Here you have to write a description of this gig, You can provide information like Why You SHould USe QR Code & WHy THEY BUY FROM YOU. You can also add Faqs if you like then click save and continue.

adding gigs description

Now the requirement page will open add a Logo Requirement with attach file type and color choice requirement with free text type, then click Save and continue

requirements for gig

Here you have to upload the three work samples that you created from the 2nd step, Also you can add create a presentation video if you like, then click Save & continue

uploading photos to a gig in fiverr

That’s all you have to do to list your gig now just hit the publish button and your gig will go online and people will start hiring you to create Qr codes for them.

publishing a Qr code making gig to earn money online


your earning is limited on how much sales you make but professionals can expect 500$ per month if you have a creative mind. You can withdraw your earnings to your bank accounts through Paypal.

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