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5 New Legit Ways To Earn Money Online In India 2020

Are you the one who searching for ways to earning money online but could not find a suitable way to earn? then you just hit the jackpot. Because in the post I going to talk about some latest ways to earn money online for Indian people.

New Ways To Earn Money Online

because you are going to find out the 2020’s latest methods of earning money online. When you search for earn money online you always find ways like blogging, affiliate marketing, video making, freelancing, product selling, etc.

Although these ways are sure ways to earn money online, these methods are outdated and there are lots of competitions in it unless you have good skills, these methods will be difficult for you

5 New Ways To Earn Money in 2020

#1) Sell QR Code Form India:

Earn money online by selling QR Codes

(Without Investment)

If you are using an android device then you must see a QR code. Now in every region in India, almost every store accepts UPI payment,

 and everyone scanning this QR code from store to pay them. But there is a way to earn money by creating these QR codes and Sell to big companies. so now the question is 

Why Does Someone Need To Buy QR Codes From You?

The answer is simple, there are few businesses to create QR codes. So the competition on this business is low so but its requirement is huge because promotion through QR codes is simple and effective.  

For Example,

1.  If someone creates a banner ad that says “get a 25% discount on a T-Shirt” 

2. another business says ” Scan This QR Code To Get A 25% Discount Coupon on Every Hoffman T-Shirts”

 people will choose to scan because in the on the first advertisement everyone gets a 25% discount on a single product, 

but the  2nd advertisement is effective because people think they get a special discount because they have a coupon but not only in one product but for every T-Shirt, that’s why they scan the QR code to get the special coupon code. 

This is just one example of using QR code but there are lots of other reasons why one company requires QR code. So now the question is.

How To Sell QR Code Without Investing?

Selling without investing may sound crazy but people selling products without investment offline even now. So how they are making their products for free? it could be wooden statues, clay pots, drawing this kind of product raw material can be found easily so they hardly need to invest any money, 

but they are investing their brainpower, and if you want to sell QR codes you will be investing your brain. So first we need a free tool to create QR code and a website to sell them. First, go to fiverr.com 

and sign-up as a seller then create a gig to sell QR code then when someone hires you to make QR Codes go to QRcodemonkey.com to create QR codes for them and they will pay you and you can withdraw this payment from Paypal. Read This Full Guide On How To Create And Sell QR Code in FIverr.com

#2) Publish News Article  In Uc News:

(Without Investment)

earn money online from uc news

Publishing News? But you are not a journalist, right? That’s ok you don’t need to be one to publish news articles in Uc News. If you are from India then I am sure you at least heard of Uc News, it’s a popular online news website/app in India. Every Indian loves to read the news. A decade ago people read newspapers but now they read news online that’s why Uc News gets millions of visitors every day. And you can get huge benefits from this traffic and earn lots of money online. So now the first questions are

What Do I Need To Publish News Articles?  

  • Writing Skills
  • Pan Card
  • Indian Bank Account

That’s all you need to earn money from UC news. Pan Card is needed to verify your account and bank account to transfer your income to the bank. And if you have those then let’s see

How To Earn Money From Uc News?

First, you have to sign-up in Uc We Media Program, To join the first search in google for the “Uc We Media Program or type in the address bar “ https://mp.ucweb.com “ on your browser then click signup and fill the form with legit information. You need to provide Name, phone no, pan card, photo, and other optional info. 

When your account is active you can start writing articles and even upload videos to earn money.

How To Write Articles In Uc News?

I already said you just need some writing skills to publish news so how to know what to write? And what news people will like to read? The answer is Trending News. You have to research the trending topics and note the highlighted points and write a unique article with that topic. To write an article in UC news first log in to the UC media dashboard the go-to post section then hit the New Article button and start writing your article then upload a featured image, categorize yours. the article, input tags and then hit the publish button. Then your article will be reviewed for any copyrighted material and any policy violation, and then your content will go live.

How to find what’s trending?

 Use google trends to find trading topics and news in google, go to “https://trends.google.com” and select a topic that’s trending and then search that topic in google and visit the top 5 websites from the search and read all the information and note that info. Then write a unique article using that information. Also, you can see the Hot topic on the UC media dashboard.

If you don’t like to write you can also create videos about news, tech, entertainment, etc. and publish it on UC news. But your video has to be your content you can’t upload other’s contents. 

#3) Earn Money From Mobile Apps:

(Without Investment)

earn money from apps

Many people from India don’t have a desktop or laptop but they want to earn money online. So now you will get the best apps that pay real cash for Indian people for doing some easy tasks. But first, we need to understand

Why Apps Will Pay Me?

Nobody will pay you without doing any work, and that’s what you guys will be doing in these apps. You can install apps, play games, watch videos, answering surveys, sharing content, etc to earn money from mobile. So now the question is

How To Withdraw Money From Apps?.

There are different options in different apps but most apps use Paytm and Paypal wallet. Withdraw your earnings with these wallets then you can send that money to your bank accounts 

Which Apps Will Pay Me Real Cash?

  • Tuskbucks
  • Swagbucks
  • Surveys On The Go 

Here are a top 10 Apps that pay Real Cash in India, You can find this app in play store all these apps are chosen carefully from researching and from the review on play store. 

#4) Resell From India:

(Without Investment)

resell to earn money

To start reselling you just need a smartphone that’s all. Then you can resell any product easily from anywhere in India. This work is effective for women, they can sell beauty products and designed garments easily.

What Is Reselling?

In simple words, when you purchase a product with a low price and sell it with own price tag it means reselling the product…

How To Resell Without Investment?

In this method, you don’t have to purchase any product to resell so it does not require any investments.and when you sell any product, the product directly goes to the seller to the buyer, you just have to add your price tag to that product. For example in a product original price 85 rupees and make it 200 rupees and sell that product you get 115 rupees profit. So to start reselling,

  1. Install Meesho App From Playstore
  2. Signup and select product
  3. Update Price Tag
  4. Share that product in social media
  5. Make sells and earn money

Selling a product is not an easy task, but if you have lots of social media followers and if you choose a high-quality product then you will start earning money in no time. So install Meesho now.

#5) Sell E-books on Amazon Kindle Without Buying:

(Without Investment)

sell ebooks to earn money

 E-books are now a new trend that’s because you can read e-books without carrying them, there is a lot of books warms out there in India and they prefer books because books provide detailed information than any article also printed books price is high then e-books, so more and more customers purchasing e-books.

There are 2 ways to earn money from ebooks,

  1. Create Your E-book
  2. Sell Free License Ebooks

If you have a passion to write then you can create your e-book and sell it online. But also you can sell free e-book which is available for free, so 

How To Purchase an Ebook Free With Selling Rights? 

You can’t sell an ebook without selling rights but there is 2 genuine website which provides e-books for free even to sell. You just need to sign up on those websites with the free plan then download ebooks with selling rights.

How To Download E-book With Selling Rights?

  1. Go to plrbehemoth.com / www.plrassassin.com
  2. Sign-up on these sites
  3. After sign-up look for free e-books with resell rights from the navigation menu
  4. Then select an ebook with resell right and download the ebook

So now you downloaded the e-book then let us go to the next step.

How To Sell E-book To Earn Money?

 Now to sell an ebook you need to list that book in amazon kindle, And here is a complete video tutorial that will help you to sell the e-book.

If you watched this video then you know how to sign-up for amazon kindle and list your e-book, just download ebook from our behemoth with resell right and sell it.


All of these 5 methods to earn money online is new and not many people know about it so you have a good chance to earn more money. also, read 10 latest ways of 2020to earn money online.

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