10 Ways To Make Money Online In 2020

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Some methods need investment, which will produce money much faster. And another method requires time, knowledge, experience and talent. In this post, I will talk about some realistic ways to earn money online, that can pay your overall monthly bill. Year 2020 is coming soon and the comettion will rise on every filled, so i only selected these top 10 realistic methods to make some good amount of money online.  Learn 5 New Ways To Earn money online from india

How To Make Money Online in 2020

There is no perfect time to start making money online, the internet is filling with new users every day. as well as competition in every category. So I suggest you if you want to make money online start today.

1. Buy & sell any Product Online

Sell Products online to make money in 2020

This is one the most effective way to earn huge money online, today we are in a digital world, people like to get their stuff delivered at their houses, That’s why company like Amazon, eBay are growing every second, and you can use these giants to sell some products and get huge profit every day.

This may sound hard work but it will be a piece of cake if you know where to go. and if you or someone of your family, friends already have a product store then it’s super easy, you can sell those stuff online. But if none of your relatives have a store then find a wholesale market or find a supplier, Every big city has at least one wholesale market, where store owner buy materials and products in a bulk at a very low price.

Sell On Online Markets

After purchasing some products, you need to enlist them on the online market, Amazon is the best if you ask me. To list your products, first, you need to signup as a seller. Here is the Full beginner’s guide to selling something on amazon: READ THIS GUIDE TO START SELLIN ON AMAZON

You can start selling clothes, footwear, books, gifts, beauty products, etc. Always sell the best quality products and you will earn a lot of money from amazon

Popular Websites To Sell Products

2. Affiliate Marketing

earn money from online by affiliate marketing

If you are not familiar with the word affiliate marketing then you may think its a very complex method to earn money online But trust me its one of the simplest and effective way to make money online, Basically what you have to do is sell a service or product of different companies, and if someone purchases any product from your link then you get a commission

Social Media Affiliate Marketing

This is easy if you have huge followers in social media, You can create a post by highlighting the main features of that product and service, and if you used that service/product, share your experience. Don’t expect that someone will buy that product instantly after you create a post on social media. People will ask questions about that product and you need to convince every single person who has an interest in that product/service

Video Affiliate Marketing

This is the best way to do affiliate marketing and earn a lot of money, this is the best way because you are showing everyone if that product is worth their money or not. And if you have a youtube channel with good subscribers then you will earn a lot of money in no time. But if you don’t have a channel then create a youtube channel. it’s free and simple. READ THIS BEGINNERS GUIDE TO CREATE A PROFESSIONAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

After creating the channel, create and upload a full review video of that product and just say they will get a discount if they buy that product from your description link. and you will start earning online. First, you need to signup on affiliate programs of good brands then you need to select the product and generate a unique link. Use that link to sell that product.

Affiliate Marketing with Blog

If you have any site like a tech blog and where you talk about mobile, computer hardware, etc. on your blog then, you can join the Amazon affiliate program and sell any hardware device, accessories very easily. If you have a health-related site you can sell vitamins, proteins, etc.

Top Branded Affiliate Programs

3. Sell Photos Online

Sell photos to earn money online

This is a golden chance for existing offline photographers, and even if you are not a professional photographer, you can sell photos. 2 things you need to start selling 1. a Good Camera (DSLR) and 2. Creativity. First of all, don’t think that if you upload some random photo and people will buy it and you will earn money from online.

Think about why someone buys a photo? most of the cases it on commercial purposes. like someone making a poster, cover, video, etc. So you need to create a photo which matches their need. upload photos like someone working, running, reading, etc. start uploading and you will get an idea which photos are performing better and create more photos on that topic.

Best Photo Selling Websites

4. Become A Freelancer

work as a freelancer to make money in 2020

If you have knowledge and skill in some computer-based work like graphics designing, video editing, logo designing, animation making, article writing, Seo, translating foreign languages, game developing, app deloping, etc. Then join freelancer websites and upload some samples of your work and business owners will start hiring you. If you can deliver good quality stuff, and eventually, you will earn a lot of money online.

The key to becoming a good freelancer is creativity and uniqueness. If you can offer something better and unique design that look that feels modern and premium then everyone will hire you. I mentioned some of the popular sites below that you can join and start earning money online.

Top Freelancer Sites

5. Upload Videos

start making videos to make money online

Making a video is very easy if you have the right equipment and some creativity. And no one likes to read books when there is someone to explain it. that’s why people are looking at videos to cook a recipe, rather than reading a blog post. and it’s just the same case with all other categories. that’s why every day the competition is growing high on youtube. But you don’t need to worry about that. The first rule to growing a youtube channel is focusing on how to make your every video better. and be patient and positive.

In 2020 there will be 2 huge platforms to upload videos, 1. Youtube, 2. Facebook. So if you are planning to be a video creator then upload videos on both platforms, and don’t use any copyrighted material to stay safe. to upload a video on youtube you need to create a channel and here is a guide you can follow: How To create a New Professional Youtube Channel. And to upload and monetize videos on facebook. you need to create a facebook business page. follow this post to Create A Professional Business Page FREE, After creating a channel and facebook page you need to monetize your videos to earn money online.

6. Create A Blog/Website

start a blog to make money online in 2020

When I first planned to start my site I was overthinking that I don’t have a bit of knowledge of coding or enough money, so how can I make my website and publish articles. But I was shocked to know that I didn’t need to learn any coding to run a website online for free. And I know if you are thinking to make a website you may also once thought about this issue. but trust me you can start your website for free in no time. To create a free blog you just have to signup in blogger.com, and here is a full guide to create a free Pro Blog. But if you want to create a free WordPress website you can use 000webhost

To start earning from your blog you need to monetize your blog with ads and affiliate products. You can use Adsense to monetize your blog and Amazon affiliate to show affiliate products. And here is a guide to get approved from Adsense in no time. but if you want to use alternative ad networks here is the list below.

Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

If you are not interested in writing then you can make memes, jokes, motivational speeches site to earn money online

7. Start As Webinar Trainer

become a webinar trainer to get money online

If you are unfamiliar with the word Webinar, it may sound complex but it just means Web Seminar. To train people on the webinar you need to have a website and a large audience. To earn money online as a webinar you need to create your product or service. And if you are wondering what you should train people, you can teach them what you know better. It may be photography tips, management tips, marketing strategy, advertising methods, SEO, digital marketing, etc.

If you don’t have a website but have a lot of followers on social media then you can start teaching from social media. This is one of the best platforms to start to visit: GotoWeebinar

8. Create an Android App

create android app

creating an android app is a complex process, but it’s not impossible. First, you need to learn coding to create a useful app, today you can create an app without coding from some websites, but the options are limited. if you have enough knowledge of coding you can earn huge money online if you create a useful app. Android Studio is the best platform to create an android app. This software is developed by Google to create apps,

If you want to make money from the app you have to monetize your app with Admob and upload it on play store. I know you have to work hard on this method to earn money but, It will worth your time and give you a massive income.

9. Reselling Through App

Best Reselling app in india

If you live in India, then I have good news for you, You can start selling products from home with your added price. And you don’t even need to purchase that product to sell it. What you have to do is register on an app and choose products you want to sell, and you can add your price tag over default price, and that’s your profit. If you can sell that product. Sound interesting? then try it now. Install Meesho APP. Selling the product is easy if you have good social media followers. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online,

10. Captcha Entry Job

captcha solving job to make money online

If you are using the internet for a long time, you may be seen as something like solve this captcha to continue or verify I Am Not A Robot. But do you know that you also earn money by solving those captchas? Many big companies create automated software, but current technologies can’t solve those captchas it requires humans to solve manually. You can earn 250$ per month by solving captchas. I mentioned some of the genuine sites below that pay regularly.

Popular Captcha Entry Sites

  • Mega Typers
  • 2 Captcha
  • Kolotibablo.com
  • Pro Typers


So you may be wondering how much money can I make online by doing this stuff I mentioned above. The truth is, there is no maximum because if you do those work hard and with good attention, your earnings will grow every month but on average you can earn 300$ – 600$ if you do your hard work every day. Thank You for visiting DebaZo.com


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