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How To Earn Money From Home – 900$/m

  • Debasish 
how to earn money from home

Nowadays everybody wants to earn money online from a home, that pays a decent amount of money for paying all your bills. But finding a perfect job online without scam is very hard. but

I guess today is your lucky day, After researching for a long time I am here with the best resources and best online jobs that will satisfy your need.

How To Earn Money From Home

You can work part-time or as a fulltime worker in these online jobs. Like many people I researched You may also choose this job as the main source of income

Always remember earning money from home either requires talent or patience. So at first work smartly don’t ever think that you know everything. Always research for new to give people.

Ok then let’s get an online job.

#1 Online Tutoring#2 Graphic Designing
#3 Online Translator#4 Selling E-books
#5 Video Editing

1. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring from home

Every kid went to tuition to learn more than schools/colleges offer them. And there is thousands of teacher who have only one and main source of income, that is as a private tutor.

but you may not know but not only kids but grown adults go teaching centers as well, by paying money. They may not go to learn math but they go to learn more about business, social life, finance, etc..

That means the hunger for knowledge never ends and so you have a good opportunity to become an online tutor and earn money, As of January 2020 there are 4.54 billion internet users around the world (source)

And many people of this huge digital population eager learn from online so they pay money on online tuition websites and you have this opportunity to work on this online tuition centers as a tutor and earn a lot of money from home so let’s do this job

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I find two most popular and trusted website to become an online tutor

(A) Course Hero

Course Hero is a popular online learning site you can learn as a student and earn as a teacher. So the next question is

What You Can Teach In Course Hero?

There are various topics you can teach on this website like

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • US History
  • Calculus
  • Management

How Much Can I Earn From This Site?

As Course Hero’s say the tutors can earn average 500$ per week

So if You are interested to visit Course Hero and Join As A tutor From Here

(B) Vipkid

Many guys don’t know about the topics I mentioned above but don’t worry, with the Vipkid site you can also teach English to students and earn money from home.

teaching english from home

VIPKID is a very popular website, and it’s been featured on many news

you can earn up to 22$/hr by teaching English to students. And 700,000 students already register in Vipkid so you don’t have to worry about not finding any students.

So why wait? teach English from home and earn 22$/hr

2. Graphic Designing

graphic designing to earn money from home

Every business small of huge need graphic designers to design their logo, banner, templets, bills, etc. Decades ago business owners used the offline designer to design their staff but today people use Online workers to design their staff for them.

And as you already know that now millions of business owner started investing online to promote their products and services they need graphic designers to design ads, banners, posts, covers, posters, etc so you have a huge opportunity here to work from home and earn money

How Much Can I Earn Money From Home With Graphic Designing?

As the research shows of Payscale.com, an average online graphic designer earns 17.39$/hr in the United States. (source)

This research may be based on the United States but there is a huge scope to earn a lot of money as a graphic designer in every country.

What Do You Need To Become A Online Graphic Designer?

To become an online graphic designer you need basic graphic design knowledge of how to use software like photoshop, coral draw, etc. and an online wallet and bank account,

Nobody is a genius without knowledge so that’s why you need the basic design skill at first. Then research what kind of design people need and how you can perfect that design.

How To Become A Online Graphic Designer?

banner creaton

To become an online graphic designer you need to join in freelancer sites as a graphic designer here are some websites below you can join as a graphic designer and list your service with some samples and when someone hires you you get paid

Freelancing Resources:

Join in these websites below and work from home as a freelancer.

3.Online Translator

Online translation job to earn money from home

An online translator is a very simple job if you know the language well. And as the name suggests you just have to translate language in this job.

There are various works on Online Translators like translating content, chatting, making calls in another language, translating websites, etc.

Why People Need An Online Translator?

There are many businesses who have branches worldwide and work in different countries and not everybody knows English so many businesses hire an online translator to translate any content of the website or to chat with people, etc

How Much Can I Earn Money From Home As a Translator?

Well that depends on how you earn money as a translator you can earn as a freelancer or from websites, either way, you can get enough money to pay all your bills

As per Pay Payscale.com, an Average Translator paid 19.91$ /hr (source)

How To Become A Online Translator?

To become a translator from home you need to be skilled in languages that business owner needs like in Germany, French, Chinese, etc. Now you need to join in Freelancing sites below as a Translator and when someone hires you you get paid.

Or you can join translator sites who need a translator. I mention some of the few popular sites below where you can join and work on projects, tasks to earn from home.

4. Selling E-books

selling e-books to earn money from home

You may not be a Book Writer but if you can write articles making an e-book and selling it may be the best option to get huge money from online at home.

E-books are easy to read whenever you want without carrying them so many book nerds slike to purchase online books rather offline. And millions of units of e-books sold every year so you don’t have to worry about the audience.

You should be focusing on what and how to write e-books, You have to research, what topic is trending and which e-books people are buying then thoroughly research that topic and write an e-book with every helpful and possible detail. Learn how to write an e-book full tutorial.

How To Sell E-Books?

There are various online markets where you can sell your e-books but I recommend Amazon Kindle. Go to kdp.amazon.com and signup with your Amazon account and list your e-books. and when someone purchases you get paid

5. Video Editing

video editing

Video editings demand is growing every day many business and persons want video editors to edit their videos, You may know youtube is the 2nd best search engine after Google,

that means traffic youtube has huge traffic that’s why many businesses promoting their products and services through video advertisement on youtube. And to promote a product through the video they need to create a video ad that’s why many businesses hire freelancing video editors to create and edit videos

What Do You Need To Become A Online Video Editor?

You need a good video editing skill, a high-performance desktop.

You have to create something unique that no one is offering. So if you don’t know how to edit video then first learn how to edit video and learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects software

How Much Can I Earn Money From Home as Online Video Editor?

According to Payscale.com, an average video editor of United States earn 20$/hr from online (source)

How To Earn?

You have to join freelancing sites as a video editor and list your service and choose your price tag then people will start hiring you if you can nicely edit videos. so join the freelancing sites below.


Can these online jobs I mentioned above will be able to pay 900$ per month?

ans: yes it’s possible but it depends on your work,

So why wait? join in these jobs and start earning money online from home now and if you have any questions or if you like this post please leave a comment below

and read more ways to earn on Debazo.com, we only talk about how to earn money online.

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