How To Earn Money From Google in 2020

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You may have used google to search or research for something, like any educational material or to see the score of a cricket match. But did you know that you can earn money from google at home by doing some easy and creative work?

Today I am discussing some simplest methods to earn money from google. and if you work smartly these methods could be your main source of income so let’s start earning.

1. Blogger

earn money from blogger

So the first platform is a, blogging means writing articles and blogger is a free platform of google where you can write articles and earn money. Blogging may seem complex for newbies but with the help of it’s easy, you just need average writing skills and select a niche that you like.

Let me show you how simple is blogging.

(1) go to and sign up with your Google account.

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(2) Create a unique Name and address for your blog

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(3) That’s it, your blog is now created, now you have to click “New Post” and start writing your articles.

writing articles
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So now that we have a blog so how to earn money? to earn money from blogging first you have to be eligible for monetizing your blog.

Go to earning section and if your blog is eligible then it will show a signup button click on it and your blog will start showing ads and you will start earning. You need more than 10 good blogposts, contact page, about us, privacy policy page to be to be eligible for monetization

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How much can we expect to earn from blogging?

ans: That depends on your work but a successful blogger can earn 300$ to 1200$/month on average. So are you interested to start blogging? it’s free so there nothing to lose, I recommend to read this post before start: How To Start A Professional Blog For FREE

2. Youtube

youtube logo

Youtube is the second free platform to earn money online from Google, we watch funny videos, movies, cooking stuff, etc on youtube every day but you may not know that how much money you can make from youtube

So what you should start earning from youtube? first of youtube does not give you money for uploading videos, they give money when someone sees or click on an advertisement when watching your videos.

So to earn from youtube you need to monetize your uploaded videos and to do so you need to complete the minimum subscribers and watch time required for enabling monetization in youtube.

To upload videos you need to create a channel first and you can read this post to create a professional youtube channel and start earning money

3. Google Play

earn money from playstore

Playstore is the third platform to earn money from google, But this platform is not for everybody, those who can develop an android app or those who can invest a lot of money can earn from playstore,

Even for developers,playstore is not for free, you need to pay 25$ to list your android app in playstore, to earn money from playstore, either you can put ads in your application or when people click an ad when installing your app on playstore you get money.

If you cant develop android apps then you have to hire a developer to develop an android app for you then go to Google play console and sign in with your Google account and pay the fees to list your apps.

google play console


This is the top 3 method for earning money from google but you never know how effective this method unless you try so try them. Anyone of this methods can make you 1200$/m if you give time and hard work.


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