10 Best Android Apps That Pays Real Money in 2020

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In 2020 almost every youth has a smartphone, And they use this phone to less calling and more chatting, watching videos, and playing games.

But many of you don’t know who to use this mobile to make money online with just installing some android apps. Of course, you can’t expect to be rich by using this app in one day but it will sure help you to earn a lot of extra cash.

Why Android Apps Will Pay you Money?

No one will pay you for free. When you install those apps I listed below, they will pay you money because you will be doing some work on those apps And don’t worry I don’t mean some heavy hard work. By work I mean watching videos, sharing, installing apps, playing games answering surveys, etc.

For example, if you installed a money-making app from below and if you see an offer to install a game then you will get 50 rupees, and you installed the game and earned 50rs instantly, but why that app giving 50 rs for installing some other game right.

because the owner of that game is paying money to that money-making app to promote their game. And that money-making app giving you some of the amounts that the game company pays them.

What Do You Need To Make Money From Android Apps?

  • An Android Mobile
  • Internet connection
  • Online Wallets

Online wallets are required to withdraw the money from the apps, After you get the money in your wallets then you can send that money from wallet to your bank accounts and it will turn to real cash.

Why Should You Use Android Apps To Make Money?

It’s Easy: The Most important thing is you don’t need to learn anything or have any skills to earn money from apps, you just have to do what you always do with your smartphone. like installing apps, watching ads, videos, playing games, etc.

Work When You Like: It’s not your full time or even part-time job, you can do it anytime you like,

No Investment: You don’t need to invest anything so there is no risk to it, 

Secure Payment: All of these apps below required only basic information to send you payment to your wallets so they are no risk of hacking.

That all the best part to make money from apps, but if you are not patient and if you don’t care about some extra cash then you can stay out of it.

How Much Can I Earn From Apps?

This is the first question that comes to your mind when you think about earning money from android apps right? But it depends on how much time you are spending on these apps.

but approximately you can earn 1-10$ per day by using all of these apps I listed below. That means 70-700 rupees per day in Indian currency.

10.) U Speak We Pay

[Free Paytm Cash]

Install U Speak We Pay App To make money Online

Image From Google Play

As the name of the app suggests it pays just for speaking, This is a unique and new earn money app on play store. This app is new but it has been downloaded more than 500,000+ times on play store and has a 3.6 rating.

Download U Speak We Pay App From Google PLay

And the good news is this app pays through the Paytm wallet and most of the people use Paytm so its also easy to withdraw. Once you reached 25 rupees then you can withdraw your money to Paytm

9.) Tuskbucks

[Free Paytm Cash]

Download Task Bucks Android App From Google Play To Earn Money

Image From Google Play

Tuskbucks is a popular app to make quick Paytm cash easily just by completing a few tasks, This is also an India application and millions of people using this app to earn some extra cash.

And its already been downloaded 10,000,000+ times from Playstore and has a rating of 4.2. also 958,270 people reviewed this application and most of them gave 4 out of 5 ratings.

How Can You Earn?

  • Play & win Quizzes
  • Invite friends and earn
  • Participate in daily contests

Install Task Bucks App From Google PLay

Not only you can withdraw your money from the Paytm wallet but also you can recharge and pay bills with this application. And if you use the Mobikwik app you can withdraw in your Mobikwik wallet. If you want to maximize your earnings then you need to spend more time in your android device.

8.) Swagbucks

[Paypal Cash]

Swagbucks is a survey app, Survey is a way to take others’ opinions on some service, product or company to improve their products, by answering some questions. You may already answer surveys for free in the past but if you install Swagbucks you can earn some cash or gift cards by answering some easy questions. this app name is now known as “SB Answer – Surveys that Pay”

How To Earn From Swagbucks?

  • Answering Surveys
  •  Telling us about yourself
  •  Daily Poll
  •  Visiting local retailers and answering surveys

Get Swag Bucks App On Google Play

You can withdraw your earned money from Paypal, also you can withdraw as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks gift cards. This app download over 1,000,000+ times and 21,879 people revied this app, and it has 4.1 ratting out of 5

7.) MooCash

[Paypal Cash]

Earn Money With Moo Cash App

Image From Moo Cash Website

This is the easiest way to earn money from an android app, You just have to swipe your lock screen and unlock your phone to earn cash Users can withdraw points as Paypal or Google reward.

When you see an offer, you have to download that promoted app or watch a short video to get a reward. 1000 coins mean 1$ and when you got 2000 coins means 2$ you can redeem as Papal cash or, Amazon, Itunes, Google gift cards

Download Moocash App

6.) Surveys On The Go®

[Paypal Cash]

Surveys On The Go App In Google Play

Image From Google Play

This is another app that pays you for answering surveys, the various entertainment industry and other brands need people’s opinions to improve their staffs and through this app,  people can help them and earn some real cash.  Using location service, this app can tell if you are near a business that requires feedback

Surveys On The Go From Google Play

When you have at least 10$ you can redeem your money with Paypal, This app has been downloaded over 1,000,000+ times on Playstore and has a 4.3 out of 5 ratings. and 72,902 people rated this application.

You make even more money than any other apps on this list with this app or no money at all. Because here it requires someone talented, or someone with creativity, With this app you can sell photos and earn money from it.

But no one will but an ordinary photo of your garden or your house, most of the people buy photos that require an advertisement or promotion so you need to think and capture those kinds of photos to make money from this app.

Install Shutterlock Contributer App From Google Play

Even photographers of wedding, magazine or newspaper could not sell any photo if it’s not required, On the other hand, someone with a good camera phone can capture and sell a picture easily if you can think like a businessman.

4.) App Trailer

Install App Trailer Android App from Google Play to earn money online

This could be your favorite way to earn money in your free time, This app will pay you for reviewing movies, trailers, and games. To earn money from this app you need to give an honest and positive review.

You can withdraw money that you earned from reviewing with Paypal and gift cards, You can earn up to 1$ for reviewing. This app has already been downloaded 1,000,000+ times on Playstore and has a 4.2 ratting out of 5, and 42,608 people have rated this app.

App Trailer on Google Play

3.) SquadRun

You can earn a huge amount of money from this app, This app is kind of unique because it may look like a survey game, where you answer different time of the survey and get coins, 100 coins equal to 1 rupee.
Squad Run App On Playstore
To Withdraw money from this app you first have to earn 6000 coins, 6000 coins mean 60rs. Then you can transfer that amount directly to your bank using UPI or you can use Paytm to withdraw. To earn money from this app you need to install and login with your Facebook account, then you will start getting missions and start earning money.

2.) GameGully

Install Game Gully Android App from playstore To PLay Games And Make Money Online

Image From Google Play

As you can tell by the name, this app will pay you cash for playing games, This app is good when you have some free time and want to play some games while making some money.

Game Gullay App On Playsore

1.) RozDhan

Download Roz dhan app From playsore to make money at home

Image From Playstore

Rozdhan app is one of the best and easy way to earn some real cash. This app is originated in India, there are lots of ways you can earn money from this app.

Roz dhan app on playsore

This app has already been downloaded 10,000,000+ times. And it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and more than 70% reviewer shared their positive response. Once you riched the withdrawal limit you can redeem your money through Paytm.


This list of Money making apps is based on the latest research on the Internet, All of this app is tested and they are paying their users regularly, And when you will download this app from Playstore you can check the ratting and reviews to see if they are in good condition as Today.


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