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How To Earn 965$/m From Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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in 2020 everything is evolving as well as the ways of earning money. Today people are engaging online then offline, and everyone can profit from this evolution if they work smartly. If you already have a part-time or full-time job, or you are just a student with no income, it does not matter everyone can get a huge benefit from online and affiliate marketing is the best option for you. I will show you simple steps on how you can be an amazon affiliate marketer. So first you need to know

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way may big companies promote their products and services through affiliate marketers who promote and sell their product online and when they successfully sell a product they get a commission.

Amazon Affiliate marketing
Samarth1612 / CC BY-SA

In simple terms, you have to promote a product and when someone purchases that product through your link then you get a commission

Why You Get Money By Making Sales Of Other’s products?

When companies launch a product or service they promote that product/service in various ways and Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to promote that product. Did you ever encounter any salesman in your house? if you do then you know that they come to your house to promote and convince you to buy their companies product and as an affiliate marketer you are doing the same work but online, that’s why when you make sales make money.

What Chances Do I Have To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

As I said earlier this is the age of the digital world, internet users number grows every day and because of that e-commerce websites like Amazon have a greater chance to sell their items online, because internet users = potential customers. but to make internet users as a customer they need to show their product first and aside advertisement,

affiliate marketing is the best option to make sale because affiliate marketers not only show products but they build trust and convince people to buy it. SO as internet users are growing every day and Amazon is a popular website that everyone knows and trust so you have a big opportunity here to make sales and earn money as an Affiliate.

So now let’s start making some money online.

Step-1: Become an Amazon Affiliate

So first go to google and search for Amazon Affiliate India, I am from India so I typed India if you are in other countries or you can type your country name also you can join for the international affiliate program that pays in Doller here is the link of affiliate programs below.

Amazon affiliate program india
Screenshot from Amazon
  1. Amazon Affiliate India
  2. Amazon Affiliate International

After visiting the site click on the” join now for free” option, and sign in with your Amazon account or if you don’t have one then create one, after signup you have to type your real name address and phone no then hit next

screenshot of amazon affiliate sign up form
Screenshot from Amazon

After filling this form, next Amazon will want your blog or an application link, If you don’t have a blog just create one free in blogger.com, you can watch This Tutorial Video create a blog easily for free. Although it’s unnecessary to make sales, but as Amazon’s policy you need a blog to become their affiliate.

Adding websites in amazon affiliate program
Screenshot from Amazon

Next, copy the blog address and paste it to the form and click add then click the next button.

Then they will ask some question about your blog answer them honestly

Filling form on Amazon Affiliate
Screenshot from Amazon

Next, add your pan card and bank details to get payments from amazon and you will join the Amazon affiliate program.

Step-2 Create Link

And to promote any product first logged into Amazon Affiliate Program then visit Amazon.in if you joined the Indian program or visit Amazon.com if you choose the international program

Then search a product you want to promote and you can find the site stripe option above click on the “text” to get your unique link, After getting the link you can now promote that link and if anyone visit that link and purchase the product you get a commission.

Creating link of Amazon Affiliate product

That’s all, you can check the analytics of how many people click on that link and purchase through your link on Amazon Affiliate Program dashboard

Amazon Affiliate dashbord

Step – 3 Make Sales

How To Promote Products And Make Sales?

making sells through email marketing

Promoting products requires time and trust. You have to build that trust with everyone. The first thing you should not do is promoting any low-quality useless product just for money.

There are various ways to promote an Affiliate product, the first thing you need to remember is you are using Amazon which is a trusted e-commerce website in India so you should target people who purchase online products and know about amazon very well.

Ways to Promote product

  1. Making reviews of that product
  2. Comparison of that product with a similar product
  3. Show the features or specs of that product
  4. Discount offer of that product
  5. Create how-to content and show the use of that product

Where You Can Promote Amazon Products?

Promoting amazon affiliate products
  1. Social Media post (Facebook, Twitter, etc..)
  2. Youtube Video
  3. Writing Articles
  4. Sharing in Groups in WhatsApp Facebook
  5. Email Marketing

Learn more ways to promote Affiliate Products.


Stop thinking about it so much and start doing it because you don’t have to invest to become an affiliate marketer but it requires time so don’t waste time here start now, you might not know but many people making hundreds of dollars every day by Affiliate marketing.

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